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I teach awakening
I teach what I have learned and what I continue to perceive, ever deeper.

Awakening is becoming aware of who you really are, by letting go of who you are not; it is about bringing to light, presence, joy, love, and creativity. All that is required is your openness.

Awakening usually begins with a crisis, when our conditioned program crashes. Otherwise we rarely change. Crisis is an opportunity to open our mind, because it is as shocking as realizing any truth.

My process of awakening began 43 years ago, unknowingly, on the brink of suicide. I was hopelessly depressed and suffering; desperate for an escape when a thought of suicide occurred to me. I was strangely consoled by this idea. I was deciding how to end my life, when I arrived at a perplexing conundrum. I believed I knew everything, but I could not correlate knowing everything with my solution to kill myself. Amazingly, I opened my mind to the possibility that perhaps I did not know everything! This was the first time in my life I consciously doubted my thinking. This one insight began my awakening!

I provide guidance, insight, meditation methods, and encouragement that awakening is a reality. If you have been in the process and are stuck, I can assist you on your way. If you are suffering, I help you realize that your pain indicates valuable lessons yet to be learned.

I am Arthur D. Saftlas, also known as Nirvan, a name given to me by the great master, Osho. I am a Relationship Counselor, a Meditation Teacher, and a Zen Master.

I do not diagnose you, prescribe medications, or commiserate with you endlessly about issues twice a week for twenty years. The people who come to me usually have been down that road. They are often desperate for change and are open to hear truth I share from an intuitive and insightful gift of communication.

I work in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by email, Skype, and by phone. I am open to answering your questions, feel free to contact me.



What is love?
Love is mostly misunderstood.
Love is not something you desire from someone.

Love is your awakened open heart center.
Awakened to your heart center, love can be shared and received.
Not before.

Neediness masquerades as love, it is not love.
Love is free, love is not a relationship or a bondage.

Do not say, "I love you"; Say, I feel love in your presence.
This way you take responsibility for your love, you own your love.
Others will not become frightened and run from this.

In relationship, all difficulties point to individual neediness.
Relationships are about realizing lessons about awakening your love.
Love is the answer, once your heart opens.

from "Moments of Lucidity", my book of insights.


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