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          I am Arthur D. Saftlas, also known as Nirvan, a name given to me by the great enlightened master, Osho. I am a Transpersonal Counselor, and a Zen master.

         I can help you change something you would like to change, and I can assist you if you are stuck somewhere on your path to enlightenment. I know the cause of suffering and how we alleviate suffering. I know how we get stuck and how we transform.

         I don't see clients twice a week for years; I do not diagnose you or commiserate with you endlessly about issues. The clients that come to me usually have been down that road. They are often desperate for change and are willing to hear truths I impart from an intuitive and insightful gift of communication.

         I work in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by email, Skype, and by phone. I am open to answering your questions, feel free to contact me.


           You may know you are your own worst enemy, but do you know why or how this has come about? Would you like to change this?
          The cause of this phenomenon everyone suffers from is attachment to ego, a survival mechanism that on one hand serves us and on the other does not. It serves by providing us with an identity, a sense of control, and a feeling of security and safety from abuse in a hurtful world. Ego, however, provides this service at the cost of how we feel about ourselves, because much of it was forged by abuse.
          Our ego is what survived an upbringing we may not remember or think about as abusive. The innate open trustful intelligence of most children is killed by age seven through betrayals, comparisons, and imposed ideals of behavior. Children integrate negative beliefs into their being; they accept blame and are taught to repress feelings. So, until we deal with the emotions we repressed, and let go of the ego perpetuated negative beliefs, we remain our own worst enemy.

from "Moments of Lucidity", my book of insights.