Moments of Lucidity
Insights into the Nature of Truth
by Arthur D. Saftlas


This book is a collection of my insights, which began by my acquiring the habit of quickly writing them down, having observed that lucid insights are momentary visions that quickly vanish from memory. I put these bits of paper in a box, until I got a little Mac computer about 20 years ago. Then they sat, forgotten again, until I recently decided to edit and publish them, realizing they facilitate awakenings.

What are insights? Insights are revelations; truths from inside ourselves, reflections of our essential self. This innate wisdom is revealed to us when we are truly open, when we trust enough to inquire within ourselves to discover our own answers. Yet, this natural and most wonderful intelligence remains mostly hidden and untapped, because as small children we were convinced to doubt and negate ourselves; and to honor, respect, and trust authority figures.

Insights come when we are open, available, at moments of let-go, not knowing, and wonder. Insights always come as a surprise. And they are often shocking, because truths will always shatter our conditioned beliefs. An insight may trigger a feeling of euphoria, discontinuity, or a moment of enlightenment you embrace, or cause you to feel confused, disoriented, lost, or possibly insulted. At these times, it is crucial to understand that we can be open one moment, and closed the next. Take heart, gather trust and courage, and realize awakenings come with their own brand of birth pains.

Life constantly presents us with opportunities to see ourselves, and realize our essential being. Yet, we rarely acknowledge this as a blessing, gain insight into our conditioning, and awaken. The highest purpose of this book is served when you allow what you read to shake your beliefs, disturb your programmed sleep, and realize there is much to learn.

Each piece in this book stands alone. They are placed randomly and numbered only for reference. Open this book to any page and perhaps you will find a message appropriate for you now. I wish you Godspeed on the path of insight into yourself, to truth, to being in this present moment.




Note: The following are the first 200 pieces in this book. Read them any way you like. A suggestion you may like; do a find on a number from 1 to 200, and see if perchance this insight is appropriate for you in this moment.



Moments of Lucidity
Insights into the Nature of Truth
by Arthur D. Saftlas


All suffering on this planet is human suffering, mostly the consequence of absolute ignorance.

The suffering of the poor caused by the greed of the rich is one example, in two parts.

The poor are ignorant of their power; the greedy ignorant of contentment.



Desire is a mind that does not know the present moment.



People never get enough of what they don't really want,
because they would rather be right—about all their beliefs.



Intimacy comes out of vulnerability and openness.
Can you share yourself deeply when you're hiding?



In meditation, you don't just think outside the box, you are outside the box.



The truth is simple, it is your mind that is complex.



Hypocrisy is denial, incarnate.


All addictions are symptoms of resistance to the truth.



Anyone that condones the death penalty, obviously has not experienced the miracle of transformation.



Realize that life is a mystery.



Children take the lack of your love personally.



Allow your mask to slip, relax your defenses, to reveal your heart, to permit intimacy to flower.



Realize you can be happy this moment for no reason.
Otherwise, you eternally depend on conditions for happiness.
Unconscious of this moment, you remain a victim of circumstances.



Ego mind constantly reminds us of anything and everything— except meditation, because meditation is how we transcend this mind of time and tension.



Meditation is the art of doing nothing, simply just being, like a cat sitting on a window sill.



The more I learn about myself, the more I learn I know nothing.
In the past, I was judgmental, because I thought I knew everything.
Now, by being totally willing to not know anything,
My relating bridges to hearts, not just minds.



We must each learn any truth for ourselves.



Remember when you were joyful, playful, and free? This innocent being is buried, but alive, inside you.

Meditate through the layers of your conditioning, the dead weight of ego, to regain your true self.



Meditate to become aware of ego— the programmed and conditioned mind, that distorts any perception of another reality.



The greatest achievement is a harmonious love relationship.
The greatest obstacle is thinking that you know the other.
The greatest gift is becoming aware of your own heart.



Be here now is the message, because if you are not ever really present,
where you are, when you are there, do you not miss your whole life?



Trust what life presents. Be open to all the lessons.
This is the way of surrender. The way to be here now.



You are born again, whenever ego is transcended.
Yet, the ego resurrects with any thinking about time.
Don’t be dismayed or serious, because that too is ego.
Rather, celebrate— love, laugh and dance each moment.



From your abusive childhood conditioning,
from having been judged, compared, ridiculed, shamed,
rejected, punished, beat up, betrayed, and abandoned, from having your heart broken—
you blamed yourself.
Because you continue to carry these old wounds, you continue to blame yourself and believe:
I am not good enough. I don’t deserve to be loved.



We deal with enmity easier than love. We have infinitely more practice.



Your misery proves your conformity to the world mind,
which perniciously inveighs against anyone knowing love.

Become aware you conformed.
See that you compare yourself to ideals to prove the belief you are not lovable.

Wake up and see the insidious lies you accepted.



Questioning what you believe is the way to truth, because beliefs are usually false, and limit any inquiry.

Question the belief that you are a sinner, to discover that love is who you are, by looking inside in meditation.


Every generation repeats the past, because it is impossible to learn by others' mistakes.



Duality is a mind game critics like to play with opposites. To play this game, begin by drawing an imaginary line between any two complementary ideals such as— good/bad, beauty/ugly, right/wrong, et cetera. Then to judge or compare anything you like, simply measure along the connecting line.

Beware, however, of ego entering this game. Ego always distorts duality and makes it serious. An ego identifies with only one side of an equation, perceives opposites as opponents, not complements; it blames, creates conflict, and scapegoats responsibility.

For example, a machismo (the ego identification of being male) perceives women as an opponent, not as complementary opposite. This ego created blindness of his complementary female side, kills any possibility for peace and love in himself or in relationship.

Religious or political fanatics always demonize their opposites; he would rather kill than see his enemy as his complement.



We have become actors and actresses, serious players in our grownup roles.
Gone is our playful spontaneity and our ability to relate with children.
Yet, inside—the child is alive; awaken and remember!



Political and religious leaders instigate wars and profit from them.
They program divisiveness to assure their traditional roles.
Politicians act the defending hero, while popes console the suffering masses with hope.
Both conspire against anyone who dares teach brotherhood,
because they know that love threatens their status quo.


Life exists this moment. There is never any other time.
Meditate to realize you are distracted from it.



Art is a view of reality; minds can only critically judge.



Believing success will succeed, we dream, hope, scheme, and compete; frustrated by delays, mistakes, and incompetence.
Afraid of failure, misfortune, and running out of time; stressed and exhausted trying to control everything, we struggle, out of balance and depressed.
Yet, never questioning why.



A mysterious world, but not without designs.
One design seems to be: truth or consequences.
We suffer consequences being untrue to ourselves.



Our desiring mind is rooted in time. We feel, sense, and experience time as tension. The greater the time difference between what is now and what we desire, the greater the tension we feel. Also, the stronger our desire is, the greater is our tension. When time and desires are in the past, the minds' “what might have been” is the tension of regret.



Life is a dream from which few awaken. I have heard that some awaken just before their death. This seems possible, because the death of time is the birth of now.



Enlightened, we see an unclouded reality. Normally, we only see our reality, projected. Relationships provide opportunities to be aware that our reactions are projections of our reality onto our projected idea of who our partner is.
Miscommunications are thus opportunities on the path of relationship to enlightenment.



My master said: “Celebrate everything!”. He was a mystic, whose message was to choose celebration over misery each moment, and in particular, the moment of death.



We run after love— yet when we finally happen to find it, we create all kinds of drama to turn it into a misery, because we don’t feel worthy of receiving love, and misery is comforting, it’s all we really know.



Your life and your plans make perfect sense, were it true that you are going to live forever.
Is this why you abhor any thought of death?



We misunderstand when we believe we understand, when in fact we do not understand. We understand when we realize our mistake.

Yet, we are often unwilling to feel vulnerable, insecure, foolish, or stupid by admitting we do not understand.

We live in a world of misunderstandings, because ego has great difficulty understanding it seldom understands.



When one is present here now, each act is done prayerfully, with the awareness that it may be the last act one ever does.



You may have heard, “love is the answer”. This hasn't helped, because love is an answer without a question. An answer is meaningless without a relevant question (and inappropriate when given before it).

So, what is the question, to which love is the answer? In meditation, through realizing more and more who you are not, a moment comes when you sincerely ask the question, “Who am I?”. When love is the answer, insightfully revealed to you— you know who you are. You are love!

Play the song from this insight, "What is the question", recorded by Jeffrey Jon and the Bear Bones Band .
Dance! Enjoy!



In meditation– observe, witness the thoughts of the mind, and feel the sensations in your body. Realize you are not your mind or your body by first realizing you cannot be anything you can observe.



Time and again, we’ve experienced the truth that dreams we hoped were going to make a big difference, did not. Yet, we resist giving up hope, because we were taught that hope is our only consolation.



Freedom is– when attachment is not. Letting go is both a death and freedom.



Trust that the purpose of life is to realize your essential self.
Why else would life present us with constant opportunities?



The ego cannot receive love, hence a strong fear of being loved. Usually we are unconscious of this fear, that we sabotage relationships to avoid love.



Enlightenment is who you are. Who you are is your free awareness. Enlightenment is when ego is not.
Ego is not who you are. Ego is merely a definition of yourself and a limitation to who you could be.



My first master was a rare woman of very few words. I asked her, “What can I do with my horrible feelings of grief?”
Her response was, "Just be willing to die."

In time, I learned to be one with my fear of death, first by overcoming any fear of my repressed energy, then realizing that any sensation in the body changes, transmutes by fearlessly and totally experiencing them.



Meditation is a time when we stop what is automatic, programmed, and conditioned in us to simply witness thoughts and sensations in the body. Nothing should be easier, because we are not doing anything, just observing. Yet, for most people, this is not easy, quite the opposite, practically impossible. Why?



When the pain of living is greater than the fear of dying (the fear of losing all that, which is known), one opens to awaken to the truth or one closes in suicide.

When the master says to be, here, now – he means to totally experience that which is– this moment.
Totally means with no distraction of thought whatsoever.



Either love conquers fear or fear destroys love.



To become free of any addiction: realize your compulsivity is how you avoid feeling feelings. See how your avoidance hurts rather than protects you. Meditate to find your courageous heart that trusts. Trust that by feeling your feelings, you transform. Be willing to be newly reborn, and to no longer know yourself.



Feeling powerless, a victim of life is depressing– and your depression, because freedom is your essential nature.
Recover by rediscovering who you are. Remember who you were as a young child.
Realize you agreed to become who you are not.



Two facts about truth.
The amazing transformative power of it.
Our unconscious incessant need to ignore it.



We are easily distracted by thought; reading and missing the last few paragraphs, or walking without seeing what is around us, in the same way, the mind distracts us from realizing any truths.


Repressed feelings held firmly in place by what we believe– create negative patterns of behaving which substantiate what we believe.



We can be joyful, without having any reason, because joy is natural without reason.
Yet, few of us know the reality of joy, because of our conditioning to our reasoning and discriminating minds; so busy judging and comparing to imagined ideals, our mind cloud perception of the sublime.



Enlightened consciousness is not a state of mind,
but a state of awareness, a perspective beyond mind,
from where we may witness thought– and the thinker.



Passerby: “What is your teaching?”
Master: "Be, here, now."
Passerby: “Of course, where else could I be?”, and thinking he understands he departs unimpressed.

Pundit: “What is your philosophy?”
Master: "Be, here, now."
The pundit hears: “You are deceived and not where you think you are”, but departs insulted.

Seeker: “What is your message?”
Master: "Be, here, now."
The seeker, aware that he may not understand or realize the full impact of these words sits himself down and awaits the master.



Meditation means:
Contemplation to the uninitiated,
Practice to the seeker of truth,
Transcendent reality to a master.



Meditation is the art of awareness. With meditative awareness, we can change anything we wish to change.



Catch 22? – Awakening to the truth becomes a priority when one realizes that one has been asleep.



Enlightenment is the only sanity – simply being, here, now.



In polite company, etiquette requires that religion and politics not be discussed. Were it not so, the pretension of politeness would certainly suffer.



An awakened consciousness is the only quality that can ever make a difference in anyone’s life.



The transcendental or spiritual reality is not about knowledge, faith, or believing. It is about letting go of what we think we know, surrendering the ego, and being present this moment.



The more present you are – the more joyful you are.


You do not unconditionally love yourself, but you want someone to love you, unconditionally. Do you believe you could receive such a love?

The reasons you hold for not loving yourself are why you will distrust the love of any lover. Either you must doubt your reasons or you must doubt your lover.



All children are abused. They are not respected as individuals, are treated as property, and pressured to conform to imagined standards. Children are admonished, condemned, or punished for unacceptable performance, expressing feelings, and for being truthful. They are easy scapegoats.

The cycle repeats – abused children become pretentious adults, out of touch with their real feelings. Old hurts, rage from abuse, fear of hurt – are all locked inside, repressed.



Trust that life is a blessing – a gift – albeit often in disguise.



When a woman lets go of her ego, realizes no-mind, becomes enlightened, she finds her compassionate and loving heart. Humanity could be transformed by this energy.
But when a woman lowers herself to compete with men, she forsakes her real power, and a salvation for the world is lost.



To love unconditionally is compassion from our heart center.



How wrong are you willing to be? Willing to be wrong about how unlovable you are? What do you get out of being right?



All beliefs are limiting, and blind us to existential truth, that is staring us in the face.



We are conditioned to take ourselves seriously, our life seriously, and everything personally. Billions are spent on anti-depressants because of this conditioned attitude. In meditation, we learn to let go, to heal, and to lighten up.



When life is in crisis, we are presented with the most exceptional opportunity to awaken,
because a crisis is as devastating as realizing any truth.



Change is an obvious fact of life, yet we resist change. Resisting is one way we unconsciously create our misery. Observing the truth of this presents a choice to become accepting of life or misery.



The only barrier to being, here, now is your ego attachment to your identity, ideas of who you are and who you aren’t.



The willingness to risk, stepping out of who you have been, is a test of your transformation, and a way of transforming yourself.



The fairy princess, with the touch of her magic wand, has just granted your wish–
you are now the new person of your dreams.

But most likely you will freak out, losing all you have known and not knowing yourself,
and in a flash, you will demand to go back to be your old self again.

This is precisely why you remain the way you are.



To escape loneliness, don't try to escape it.
Rather than distracting yourself with activity, meditate and realize your essential al-oneness.

You will discover that you are never lonely again,
and when you are in the company of others, you are always aware of being alone.


About religion, my father’s favorite word was hypocrisy. Decades later, I met a reform Rabbi and couldn’t resist asking him how he deals with the hypocrisy of not strictly following the Scripture. He answered, “Hypocrisy it only a problem, if one believes the Torah is divine”. A bit shocked by his admission, I said, “You don’t believe what you preach; is this not hypocrisy?”. He glibly answered me, “It is a very beautiful tradition”.




The goal of psychotherapy is to become normal or well adjusted.
The master says transcend the mind of this insane world, instead.


Awakening to any truth is rather devastating, because we unconsciously believe we know everything.
Truth is always a rude awakening, yet can transform our consciousness. Awakening shifts reality into this present moment,
where, with total awareness, our spiritual being prevails.


Many seekers of truth have fallen off the path, without realizing they have been diverted, unaware their mind has deceived them. Truth is too simple for the mind to comprehend, so the mind translates truth into a desirous goal, then convinces the unwary that they have arrived at it.



My master’s words fill five hundred books. To me, they reduce to two simple messages. One is: "I love you", which means I am lovable; the other, "Everything you believe is bullshit". Both messages were equally difficult to integrate.



Animals are the most ferocious, when cornered. Such is the nature of their survival instincts. With humans, survival has an added twist. Because man is identified with his ego beliefs, he is most ferocious when threatened by any truth.



Mind functions like a computer, a machine that reads either a 0 or 1. Mind sees opposites in dual terms; programmed by its beliefs, it reads right or wrong, good or bad, et cetera. It is unaware of itself and the damaged caused by judging and distorting reality.

Q: Do we all look at one person and see the same person?
A: We all agree, we each see a different person.

Q: Is anyone more right about what they see?
A: We all agree, no one is more right.

Q: We each see a different person and no one is more right,
So, who is really there? Who are you seeing?



Love that is obsessive is called love, but it is not love, but need. Obsession is our psychological need we project onto others; we demand from another what we do not give ourselves– approval, appreciation, acceptance, acknowledgement, and attention.

Healing begins when we take responsibility for our feelings. This necessitates awakening a willingness to see ourselves. Turning inward to face our neediness requires rare courage. By totally owning our feelings we transcend co-dependency.



Trust in life – is the real faith, not the superstitions of religions.
Realize the wondrous design of life; the dance that is existence.



When we hold prejudices, we cannot see clearly. We occasionally see our prejudgments about others, but rarely do we examine our attitudes about ourselves.



Let go, be willing to not know, to wonder. Feel the sublime awe of innocence, the lightness of enlightenment.



Ever wonder why we fail to keep our resolutions?
Why after deciding to break a habit, go on a diet, or quit smoking, we soon find we are doing exactly what we said we wouldn't do?

Weeds not pulled out with their roots grow back. Trying to make a change by changing our mind fails, because mind is only the superficial part of us. We are identified with mind, but it is not all that we are. Our roots are much deeper inside us.



Our minds are strongly predisposed to being right. We feel good when we are right, bad when we feel wrong. We are attached to the rightness of everything we believe, and with any idea or thing to which we are identified.
This includes our unconscious contextual beliefs about our being unlovable and not good enough. Beware that the mind always tries to prove its beliefs, turning them into self-fulfilling prophesies to be right despite the negative consequences to ourselves.



Insights into truth tend to elude memory. Memory is a function of the mind, and truth is beyond mind.



Not knowing ourselves, we presume to know others. We only know others to the extent we know ourselves, because we are all mirrored extensions of each other.



When we are truly present, here, now, we no longer need any consolation of hope, because we no longer feel hopeless.


On the path to find love, you will meet the whole world, because the whole world is inside you.
But should you become identified, you get stuck. The saying to kill Buddha meeting him on the path, refers to identifying with even him in your meditation. Identification is ego, the barrier to love.



When love is conditional – what is really loved are conditions.


My first guru said, “There is no one else out there”. She meant that we see the truth of ourselves reflected by the mirror of the other. Therefore, we are responsible for how we feel; there is no blame.
But, since we resist seeing anything which disagrees with our ego view, the “normal reaction” is to blame the other– this is infinitely easier than seeing any truth or taking any responsibility.



When we were children, we were not unconditionally accepted for just being ourselves. Our performance was judged according to the expectations of others.
Today, do we continue to perform for acceptance, or can we discover unconditional acceptance in our own hearts?



Life is like a river that eternally flows to the sea. Ego is forever swimming against the current, until the futility of the struggle is realized.
The master teaches surrender– floating, relaxing, and enjoying life on the river. This, however, requires great trust.



Your true power is being responsible; it is about being, and about the ability to respond appropriately, rather than reacting from the past automatically. It is about being truly open minded, being willing to let go of what is known, and continually learning about oneself. Responsibility is ego death— the way to be reborn. For some reason, it has never been popular.



Your innocence is not lost – only temporarily forgotten.



Life is a humbling experience. One surrenders or resists. Surrender is an effortless let go of ego. Resistance is the way of the ego. It is exhausting, painful, stressful, and futile.



The power of conditioning is enormous. Once we have been programmed to believe, we defend beliefs as if they are who we are.

The "American Dream" that success brings happiness is a belief the masses are programmed to strive towards. This myth lives on despite the suicides of many superstars who had it all, in spades.

When our own successes fail to make a difference, we prefer to think our goal was not high enough rather than question our fundamental beliefs. We would hate to admit being that wrong.



Whatsoever I feel or think is 100% me– reflects who I am. Whatsoever you feel or think is 100% you– reflects you.
Yet, despite the obvious we tend to shift responsibility, blaming our feelings and reactions on others or life, to avoid any discomforting truth about ourselves.



We are unaware of the cause of our stress, to the degree we are unwilling to look at our life. Stress is a symptom of a consciousness based in fear. Fear is natural because of our necessity to feel secure, and exacerbated when we seek and cannot find security. Yet security does not exist where we usually seek it. It is not found in people, tradition, knowledge, identity, beliefs, success, reputation, fame, fortune, or investments.
Paradoxically, security is realized in utter insecurity. Fear loses its grip when we learn to move inside. In meditation, we experience an unknowable, silent, peaceful, nothing, which feels totally secure.



Your real self, your wondering child’s heart is alive, but buried deeply within you. Your programmed ego identity and years of repressed feelings are the lid.



A lyric in a reggae song by Jimmy Cliff says: everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. In the same way, we want to change ourselves, yet we fear not knowing ourselves without our normal disposition. We feel secure and comfortable with what we know – even our pain and suffering!

A friend’s story makes this point the other way around. Entering the army was his first time apart from his mother’s cooking. After a few days, feeling something was terribly wrong, he reported to sick call, but no problem was found. He kept returning to the medics day after day afraid he was dying, until he finally realized the truth— that he was only missing his heartburn.



Thinking back to early days in my awakening process I remember saying “I don't have judgments, this is just the way that I am.” In those days, I constantly judged myself and others, yet I was completely unaware that I was doing so. 



Hope was invented to console you, because you cannot find happiness now. You are expected to wait for future happiness.
But, there is no future or lasting happiness. The future will always be just another moment, and happiness is a fleeting conditional experience.
Love, however, is your true salvation. Venture inside, find the space of your heart. Not a future hope, love is the joy found only now.

To be aware each moment sounds too difficult.



Relaxation cannot happen by an act of will or any effort to relax. Instead, become aware of your mind that creates tension. You can let go of anything you completely observe.



Feeling unacceptable and unlovable, we pretend otherwise to be accepted and loved. But our pretense makes others feel unsafe,
and afraid of being real themselves. No wonder we are all lonely.



Most people believe everything they have ever been taught, without ever seriously questioning anything, obviously. Obviously, because questioning what they believe would have led to change.



The ego trip is when someone is acting big.
Yet, it is also when someone is acting small.
Ego is only about acting— not anything real.



Become aware that mind and body are one, that all thoughts and feelings are connected. Observe you are neither one– nor the other. Allow yourself to not know, or know nothing. Either de-focus your eyes or close your eyes. Become more aware of breathing in and out. Sense your subtle yet sublime higher energy.



Learn from children what you have forgotten.


Ego thrives in the dark. Ego identified you are not open-minded.
You are closed to all but your prejudgments. You see only what your ego believes to be true.

Even worse is that whatever you believe is not you, what you despise in others, is surreptitiously growing in your ego darkness. A poison flower that is hypocrisy!

Ego dies from exposure to any light of truth, however, it is a shock to see your lies; devastating to realize your self-deception and hypocrisy. But take heart, this is how you escape your misery!



The future is open and free, but only for the courageous; only for those with hearts willing to see, and be here now. Otherwise, the future only becomes a repetition of the past.



The prerequisite for learning anything is an open mind. An open mind is free, uncluttered of old thinking. There is usually an interim stage before new learning, of unlearning, when the old thinking needs to be re-evaluated.

When we are awakening— seeking to learn who we are, the interim stage is one of not knowing, and this time is often fearful. A master, someone who knows the way, is invaluable to help inspire the trust, courage, and heart necessary to move through feeling confused, frightened, and disoriented.



You are conditioned to live in the world of time.
I am reminding you of a timeless world– of now.
You feel out of balance, not knowing both worlds.



Openness is true intelligence, and real beauty.


Stress is about attempting the impossible. The impossible is gratifying an insatiable mind. Worse, we are not of one desiring mind, but many.

Meditate to observe this confounding predicament, and realize—none of our minds are who we are. We are only peaceful, joyful, and loving, beyond the distraction of any mind.



Is your fear real or imagined? A real fear is a tiger in the bush. Imagined fears are from past traumas, which like all repressed emotions were not totally experienced. Try an active meditation technique to emote feelings and move through them.



Relationships are invariably perfect, regardless of what craziness is happening, because of an unconscious agreement for completion.

Relationships indicate psychological needs, but spiritually are energetic phenomenon, mysterious, and fundamentally illogical.



A negative attitude about love or relationship reflects a wounded past, however, it is normal we don’t remember our most painful hurts and the (usually erroneous) decisions we made at the time.



Substitute the word need for the word love in all the love songs
and the poetry would be lost— in the service of what is true.



Love from the heart, is unconditional caring.
Love from anywhere else, can be sexual craving, benevolent judgment, a relationship, etc.


A moment of enlightenment vanishes, the instant we identify with any thought about past or future time.



Thoughts are powered by sensations in the body that we are either aware of or unconscious of completely. By increasing awareness of feelings in the body, the power of negative or disturbing thoughts can be neutralized.



As children we were naturally open and trusting, but we closed down as our trust was betrayed. Over time a distrustful ego replaced our openness. What began as a strategy for survival, grew to become an ego identity of either defense, offense, or withdrawal.

Spiritual evolvement is our return to trust. It takes enormous courage to drop our ego, heal wounds, and be open and vulnerable again. Meditate to realize trusting innocence is our real being.



You are free when you are aware.
See you are a prisoner of your past.
See the jailer is your mind that reminds.
See the key is being present this moment.
Escape, see that nothing real is holding you.



We are each mirrors reflecting each other.
When we like someone, we like what is reflected.
Hating someone, we strongly resist and deny this truth.



Quantity can never become quality.
A billion dollars never becomes joy.


Wounded in love– you protect your heart, never to be hurt again. But, when love is forfeited, life loses abundance and significance.

Heal your old wounds and again be fearless. Love is a great teacher and worth any and all pain.



The bliss of enlightenment is being with one's real energy.
Being with means a total acceptance of this present moment.
Real energy refers to aliveness in one's heart chakra.



Both a heaven and a hell exist here on Earth. One's consciousness makes the only difference. Hell is a life directed by ego, of suffering and stress. Heaven is being, in the awareness of who we really are.



From a place deep inside,
Once again, I discover my silent nature.
Finally, I realize how insane I have been,
Caught up in this crazy world.



Rocks on the heart.
Repressed grief, rage, fear of being hurt again.
Rocks removed, love flows.



Life is the gift of time. But, do you feel grateful?
To really appreciate this gift of time, which is your life, you must be fully conscious in this moment of now where you are. This requires a stop in the time continuum we are conditioned to believe in. In other words, the benediction of gratitude is now, not in the future.


You wrote the script and you direct it.
You cast yourself and the other players.
You rehearse this drama again and again.
What is weird is—you believe it is reality.



Q: Why do bad feelings last infinitely longer than good feelings?
A: We never resist totally experiencing our good feelings.



Truth remains hidden, by devotion to the superficial, because of our fear of losing control.



We all have our reasons why,
Why we believe we are unlovable,
Why we withhold our love from others.
Obviously, we believe in conditional love,
Yet, we all yearn to be loved unconditionally.



Enlightened compassion dawns from the truly astounding realization that all beings are you in another body!



Answers are everywhere. Just ask your question and then be open for an answer to magically appear.

My master suggested we walk meditatively in nature, and by being aware, to find a messenger, and receive a message. When I sat for a rest, I noticed a tiny spider on a flat rock. He jumped to a new spot, stayed awhile, then jumped again. I asked him for a message and I heard “Look, it doesn’t matter where I go”. At once I realized that a dilemma I had was insightfully and mysteriously answered.


We are predisposed to boredom, frustration, and depression, because we are locked in our mind of thought and judgment.
Believing in knowledge, that everything must mean something, where is the space for wonder or mystery in our consciousness?



The moment any moment is fully experienced is bliss.
Observe how your mind tricks you back to what is known.



It is not ignorance that is bliss, but innocence.
Ignorance is unawareness, the cause of suffering.
Innocence is an aware, open mind, full of wonder.

We love the variety we find in nature,
yet we rarely appreciate variety in people.
What we accept about ourselves is narrow,
Consequently, narrow in the mirror of others.



You can be joyful for no reason,
when you let go of reasons
why you cannot.

Why you cannot
is not knowing yourself
without your reasons for misery.



Violence is a reaction of a closed mind;
A strategy to protect itself from any truth.
Murder is always in self-defense to protect ego.
It is breaking a mirror which too clearly reflects.



Obviously, we were conditioned;
we have conditions for everything.
Even our conditions are conditional.
Trying to get all these conditions met,
our lives become increasingly stressful.
The answer is just this: drop conditions.



          “Battle of the sexes”, epitomizes relationships. We attack, defend, retreat, withdraw, or desert, blaming the other for our anger, hurt, and fear.

           Compromises are diplomatic efforts for peace, superficial fixes which only temporarily appease. Failing to address our deepest fears of distrust, unresolved conflicts create a cold war climate.

           Surrendering the ego is the way for real peace. When we let go of the ego that denies truth, needs to be right, refuses to take responsibility, we realize the spiritual essence of relationship.



Positive affirmations don’t work.
Instead of trying to re-program your mind,
meditate to free yourself from its negative influence.



As long as “I love you” means "I need you to fulfill me and my dreams", “I hate you” shouldn't be unexpected.



You are trying to figure me out, so you'll know how to act.
I wish you would realize yourself, so you won't need an act.


Joy transcends any reason.
If your joy has a reason, it is not joy,
It is merely happiness— conditional and fleeting.



Seeking truth is a last resort.
After everything else has failed,
the brave choose truth over suicide.



          “Control yourself!” As children, we were manipulated and coerced to conform, to suppress our spontaneity, our true feelings, and our creativity.
           Because we succumbed we now suffer diseases of body, mind, and spirit caused by energy we repressed inside ourselves.
           Yet, it is never too late to let it all go.



Mind lives in time— the past or future time.
Mind is never in the present, which is a timeless.
Our body, however, is always present this moment.
Mind competes for and usually wins our attention,
by suppressing the greater wisdom of our body.
Notice how mind reminds you of what to do,
when your body says stop, rest, and relax.



Pain usually signals our next lesson.
Always the two choices: be open or closed.
Open welcomes pain as part of a gift of learning.
Closed we resist our feelings and get mired in suffering.

A great loss can trigger a painful crisis of grief and despair.
Most disturbing is losing our sense of being in control of life.
The truth, however, is that our ego control is only an illusion.
Life cannot be controlled; it is best to trust what life presents.
Crisis can be the opening opportunity to surrender the ego.

We each suffer from the universal disease of feeling unlovable and not good enough. This endemic of the ego-world-mind spreads to all children everywhere by comparing them to ideals.



Guilt is the psychological pain of blaming ourselves for failures.
We judge and condemn ourselves for failing to be perfect,
and for not achieving ideal standards or expectations.
Guilt disappears when we accept we are human,
and drop our separate perfectionist ego –
which merely mimics and reflects
abusive childhood lessons.

We kill the innate dignity and creativity of children by unconsciously continuing to sanctify conformity. Parents force their hopes and dreams on their child, socio-political establishments demand automatons, religions program superstitious righteous believers. Obviously, we are oblivious of the damage we do.



The universe is infinite;
Nothing can be taken out of it.
Therefore, you cannot ever be lost— or die.
Obviously, all is one.

The child is still in you – the innocent who dreamt of making a difference and contributing good to the world.
When you awaken from your programmed sleep, you will again have your power to do great things.


Stop and smell the roses is a remedy for misery. Become totally aware of the roses or anything at all, to enter the world of joy, the reality of this very moment.

Every politician has enemies.
Only unaware people have enemies.
But, how unconscious are we to follow them?



When we are open— insights into reality resonate within us; the truths are self-evident.

When we are closed— we denigrate by judging insights as philosophy, point of view, opinion, theory, or psycho-babble.



Desiring to secure our future happiness, and because hello is easier said than good-bye, we endeavor to possess our beloved.

Our beloved may want to be a necessary possession, which is a passive complementary strategy to also possess. Yet, possessing guarantees relationship problems, because anything we own we easily tire of and take for granted.



Judgment is a very popular, yet very poor cousin to understanding.



Failing to live up to the ideals and expectations of parents, you condemn yourself and feel guilty or anxious or both. Another proof you are unlovable and not good enough?

This is probably the most common dilemma we all share, choosing between a programmed self-image and the truth. Let go of everything you don’t know thru your experience.


We never learn from history. We fail to trust and respect ourselves, yet we trust supposed respectable leaders. We believe politicians.

Do we really believe that power hungry and ruthless people, who do not know any peace in their hearts, who believe any end justifies the means, who are only concerned with their own ambition, are working feverishly for peace and justice and for us?



The adage about leading a horse to water, is obviously a reference to our perverse nature of staring truth in life’s mirror, yet never willing to let go of a single cherished belief.



Every possibility exists for awakening, because no lie can completely cover a truth.



The Native American adage about not judging another before walking a mile in their moccasins is about compassion– the ability to feel from a place in our heart what it is to be someone else.

Real communication is compassion. Without caring understanding there is only miscommunication and the frustration of not feeling heard, honored, or received.



We are not taught that we are all one,
but to identify with our heritage, a history.
History therefore repeats a chronicle of war,
patriotic soldiers killing to preserve past beliefs,
madly waving banners of their demented leaders,
unconscious they kill others exactly like themselves.



To be, here, now– is to be, here, new.
We want a new life, yet we fear not knowing.
Not knowing who we are and losing what we know.
This fear is the fear of death and the only rub.



The real master embodies his teaching. Feeling his loving silence may inspire trust— a necessity to surrender ego separateness.



Is sanity being well adjusted to insanity? Thinking you don’t fit in this insane world, or about suicide; feeling you are going crazy? Crisis is always the opportunity to awaken. Transform suffering into the pain of a re-birth. Wake up and be in this world, but not of it.



Most diseases are caused by stress.
But medications only suppress symptoms.
Meditation is an alternative, a healing approach.
By realizing that thinking and feelings are connected,
by finally hearing messages the body has been shouting,
healing happens naturally, the eventuality of transformation.



Conditioned consciousness is a reality,
however, this mindset is not the real you.
In meditation, witness this mind disappear,
just as your dream vanishes upon awakening.

Even the word truth evokes reactions in people, in part I think, because we know we ignore what is true, but pretend we don’t.



One way to bring your consciousness to this moment of now, is to totally experience what you feel in your body. Another is to slow down any movement. Another is to defocus your eyes. Another is to stop and be still. Try adding awareness to anything you do.


You may know you are your own worst enemy, but do you know why or how this has come about? Would you like to change this?
The cause of this phenomenon everyone suffers from is attachment to ego, a survival mechanism that on one hand serves us and on the other does not. It serves by providing us with an identity, a sense of control, and a feeling of security and safety from abuse in a hurtful world. Ego, however, provides this service at the cost of how we feel about ourselves, because much of it was forged by abuse.
Our ego is what survived an upbringing we may not remember or think about as abusive. The innate open trustful intelligence of most children is killed by age seven through betrayals, comparisons, and imposed ideals of behavior. Children integrate negative beliefs into their being; they accept blame and are taught to repress feelings.
So, until we deal with the emotions we repressed, and let go of the ego perpetuated negative beliefs, we remain our own worst enemy.

We try to feel better by affirming our self-esteem,
But, until we learn to venture inside ourselves,
Uncover and heal the source of our misery,
A success with this approach is limited.


Enlightenment, self-realization, is true power.
But egolessness appears weak, so masters are rarely recognized.
Political power appears strong and is envied by the weak masses.
Probably why the perverse desire to dominate others is respected.



The reality of no-mind is beatitude, a timeless peace.
Just a taste of this reality can be enough to shift our gestalt.
Such is the possibility in the presence of an enlightened master.


The process of awakening to one’s real heartful self is very simple, yet fraught with immense challenges that take great courage. When we begin to venture inside, we may expect to find all the beauty we heard advertised; our loving heart, peace, silence, contentment, etc.
Perhaps it is this frightening darkness, together with the fearful feelings that dissuade seekers from the path before they get very far.


Once you know you are not your conditioned mind, when you have loosened the chains of limiting beliefs, when you are free from the rage, sadness, and fear repressed inside from your childhood, you see emotions can transform; tears can become laughter, sadness to joy, anger to love, and fear to excitement. You may soon realize subtle, ethereal, chakra energy; the true energy of your being.


I quote my first guru, a woman, “Just be willing to die”. This means to be fearlessly courageous and free, because fear is the only barrier.
Fear is a formidable weapon of the mind to keep you a prisoner; it debilitates, paralyzes, weakens, closes, and contracts you; it blocks inquiry and experimentation into any truth.




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